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Case Management, Client Communication, Time Recording & Billing, Task & Document Management and more

Case Management

Having a tailor-made case management system where all case activity, documents and communication are managed and stored, as well as having the use of our additional integration and tools, ensures that your law firm runs as efficiently as possible from one platform. Link all contacts, events, communication and time recording and use the internal search tool to quickly locate important information, saving time and increasing your fee earner’s productivity.  


We know that in the legal sector time is money and nothing is faster than real time communications. Increase the productivity of your firm using a wide variety of real time communication tools, from instant messaging and group chat to telephony, video calls and conferencing. The ability to automatically log all client, internal and third party communication is vital for any successful business. The additional option of linking your website forms and social media accounts can improve client contact as well as making your firm more accessible for potential clients.

Time & Billing

Accurate and user-friendly time recording is vital for any law firm. Easily track all time spent within your matters to provide an accurate real-time reflection of your fee earners productivity. Access a log of work-in-progress, providing essential billing information and firm wide reporting, which can be reviewed in real time with live dashboards and scheduled for required periods. Client bills can be automatically generated from time recorded and careful analysis of this data can improve your firm’s profitability.

Document Management

Easily access, download, review and share documents from one dynamic drive specifically linked to each individual matter and accessible from any device and location. The internal search took allows you to locate documents quickly by title, date and document type, saving valuable time and making your fee earners more efficient. Invite third parties into matters to allow them to view case specific documents, speeding up communication between parties. Crucially, all documents are automatically backed up, so security is not a worry.

Reporting & MI

Being able to access up-to-date, accurate information quickly is crucial. View case statuses and billing information by department and period, providing essential management and reporting information. See live status reports with real time dashboards and schedule reports to cover critical periods. Analysing this information can improve the performance of your fee earners and goes a long way towards increasing your profits and client satisfaction.  

Marketing & HR

Make your firm stand out with extensive marketing and HR tools managed from one platform. Within the HR space, time can be recorded for activities such as business development and training, providing a full reporting record for your fee earners. This space also enables the management of annual leave, absences, performance evaluation and more. We can also develop and tailor your website to your specific needs, incorporating various communication tools, turning hits into profit.