Intreface Legal Solutions | Terms of Engagement
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Terms of Engagement

Intreface are Bitrix24 specialists available to help with evaluation, implementation, training, and support

Bitrix24: Evaluation

We will help you evaluate the features of Bitrix24 and how they can best meet your requirements. We will explain the editions available and provide a demo of the system.


1. We will provide an onsite demo where possible or offer you a online demo via GoToMeeting

2. In order for us to show you the features you require we will require you to complete our Evaluation Form.

3. You can create a Free Cloud Account or we can host a free of charge 15 trail of the self-hosted edition

4. We can provide a full supported trail with an extended 30 day period, training session and support contact for $750

Bitrix24: Implementation

Our projects team will scope your requirements, prepare an implementation plan and support your organisation from concept to completion.


1. We will analyse your current systems and business processes and document our recommendations on how best to implement Bitrix24 within your business. The cost is $1,850

2. We will prepare a Statement of Works (SOW) for your approval prior to implementing the system.

3. You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager for the life of the project.

4. Our implementation will be based on Agile methodology which will allow for flexibility to adjust the solution during the project.

5. We require a Support Package to be in place if you wish to engage us on an implementation project.

Bitrix24: Training

Our training team will provide a standard training package or customise a program to suit your business. Training is delivered online or at your premises.


1. We will agree on the content of the training session in advance.

2. You can choose to receive training online via GoToMeeting or at your office. Onsite training will usually incur travel costs which we will provide a cost for in advance.

3. We require a Support Package to be in place if you wish to engage us on training.

Bitrix24: Support

To engage any of our services we require you to have a support contract in place. Our team are here to help your business get the most out of Bitrix24 and will save you considerable money on internal resources and loss of productivity.


1. We will provide you with a dedicated support contact who will learn your business objectives and support you to implement solutions in Bitrix24

2. You will be able to communicate with your contact by telephone, email, messenger or in person.

3. The service is unlimited in the number of requests you can make with each request limited to 20 minutes of your support managers time. Our full SLA is here

4. Our support will cover these common requirements:


Control Panel – Bitrix2 self-hosted editions include a very comprehensive control panel with 1000’s of configuration settings. Making changes to these setting can cause unforeseen consequences. Our support includes full assistance with control panel configuration.


Permissions – User permissions in the self-hosted editions operate at division, department, group and individual level. Understanding this and ensuring users are not given incorrect access can be complex. Your dedicated support contact will support you to maintain the correct permissions.


Business Processes – Bitrix24 includes considerable automation which can be straightforward to set up but can produce unintended consequences, including server crashes if configured incorrectly. You support contact will help answer questions about business processes and automation.


Hosting – Many features such as chat and notifications require custom server configuration and special resources to be installed on the server. Support will assist you to set up these services correctly.


Customisation – Whilst Bitrix24 is built in PHP it operates on its own framework consisting of info blocks, custom components, and API’s. Your dedicated support contact is essential to understand how to create customisations to the system.